How Families Gain Admission

Sheffield Place serves highly traumatized homeless mothers with multiple barriers to success, including: mental health and addiction issues, domestic violence backgrounds, low educational attainment, and felony convictions, among others. The agency accepts mothers with up to five children.  A mother who meets these criteria is encouraged to call Sheffield Place. Following an initial phone conversation, she may be scheduled for a personal interview and tour.

The Programs at Sheffield Place

Sheffield Place offers four fully-integrated programs to empower the families as they make the difficult journey from homelessness to self-sufficiency:

1) Residential Housing Services provides mothers and their children with onsite housing consisting of a two room living unit with a private bath and shared kitchen and laundry facilities.

2) Residential Clinical Services provides therapy, strengths-based case management, and life skills groups (effective parenting, healthy relationships, job search, personal finance, among many others) for mothers and their children.  

3) Aftercare Clinical Services provides case management and other supportive services such as therapy for families once they achieve sufficient stability to transition into permanent housing in the community.

4) Permanent Housing Services provides housing for families in houses owned and operated by the agency.